| Fotos by T | a San Jose and San Francisco Bay Area Foto-Journalism, Foto-Art Studio offers each of us — women, couples, teens, and families of all sizes — a delightful opportunity to be seen and captured as the publication-worthy artwork that we, and the canvas' of our lives, really are.
Whether it is to capture your little one's first birthday, brighten your walls with memories or get your Holiday Cards ready for the season, the | Fotos by T | uber team, headed up by photo journalist Teresa Nora and the Foto-team, is looking forward to working with you, and on your behalf.

A combination "foto + graphic arts studio," | Fotos by T's | purpose for being not only includes delicious creativity, downright beautiful photo artwork, and super happy clients. It's a lifestyle business dedicated to innovating a "foto-graphic" experience tailored to engender both self-esteem and self-confidence, particularly in women from all walks of life and in that of young adults as well, particularly tween- and teen-aged girls and boys.